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Nestled in lush Caribbean hills overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
Naniki is the Taino word meaning “spirited” or “full of life”
Naniki is an oasis for the spirit
Enjoy the quiet sounds of a peaceful life
Explore Mother Earth along our hiking trail
Take an inspirational walk along the Nature Path
Lounge in the late afternoon warmth
Sleep to lullabies of island breeze at night
Everything in life should be this simply beautiful

Welcome to Naniki

Perched high in the hills of St. Joseph Parish, Naniki is most popularly known for breathtaking views, peaceful surroundings and its lovable owner Mr Tom Hinds.  Naniki Restaurant  offers a sumptuous lunch buffet every Sunday and also serves lunch a la carte during the tourist season. Visitors to Naniki are welcome to enjoy a walk along our Nature Path or our Hiking Trail for the more adventurous. The property boasts 8 cottages (single and double) with a total of 16 bedrooms available for occupancy. Naniki is ideal for personal getaways, retreats and special events.

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Enjoy the quiet sounds of a peaceful life

Packages tailored to meet your every need

Buffet style dining in an amazing setting

The definition of relaxation. Naniki Barbados.
The nature path and hinking trail were awesome. Our cottage was also great.               
The Naniki Resort is extremely beautiful  and relaxing. We truely enjoyed our stay here.